Speaker of House Calls for Investigation of Civil Rights Commission

Letter states: The administration appears to be blatantly supporting political action and policies that treat citizens of Michigan differently based on their race or ethnicity

Today, as Civil Rights Commission Chairman Mark Bernstein and Jennifer Granholm were holding a fundraiser for One United Michigan, Speaker of the House Craig DeRoche delivered a letter to the State Auditor General and the Attorney General asking them to investigate the Civil Rights Commission’s actions regarding the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI).   

 “It is no surprise that on the very day that the Speaker asked for an investigation of the Civil Rights Commission by both the Auditor General and Attorney General, Commission Chairman Mark Bernstein is hosting a fundraiser for MCRI’s opposition.  Chairman Bernstein has abused the people’s money and trust by using taxpayer dollars to attack MCRI on behalf of the cause he supports.  Now he must account for his actions,” said Gratz.

 He seems to have a difficult time being honest with the people.  He claims that he didn’t hold this fundraiser until after his commission’s report had been released.  But, there is no doubt that he had to have requested approval of the governor’s appearance long before the actual date of the event.  We wonder what an inquiring reporter would discover if the governor was asked when she agreed to appear.  If it was prior to the release of the report, then that is a smoking gun that Bernstein was releasing a report paid for by the taxpayers while he was conspiring with Granhold to raise money for the opponents of MCRI.  Bernstein should follow the members of the Board of Canvassers and resign from office,” said Gratz

Important statements from the letter written by Speaker DeRoche to the Auditor General:

“We are writing to request that your office investigate the activities of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (CRC) and Department of Civil Rights (DCR) in their efforts to investigate the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI).  We believe the CRC, in conducting its investigation, negligently or wantonly may have exceeded its constitutional and statutory investigation powers.”    (June 28th letter to State Auditor General)

Then later in the letter:

“Now, the administration appears to be blatantly supporting political action and policies that treat citizens of Michigan differently based on their race or ethnicity.”(June 28th letter to State Auditor General)

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Committee (MCRI), a Michigan-based Ballot Question Committee, is dedicated to giving the people of Michigan the opportunity to end preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin by state or local governments.  MCRI will make Michigan a place of equal opportunity for all, not a state that uses discrimination as a tool to create “diversity.”  Achieving “diversity” should never be an excuse to discriminate!


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