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College Prep Info at UC:

A sampling of Universities in the State of California, where the Civil Rights Initiative passed 10 years ago, that continue to have organizations like the Society of Women Engineers:

UC San Diego:
UC Santa Cruz:
CalState Long Beach:
CalSate Fresno:
San Jose State:
University of Washington:
Washington State University:
Breast Cancer Screening in California:
Domestic Violence Shelters in California:
Single-Sex Schools in California:
Affirmative Action still exists in CA:
City of Los Angles affirmative action/EEO policy –
Los Angeles County Office of Affirmative Action Compliance –
City and County of San Francisco Employment non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Programs
University of California Affirmative Action

U.C. Berkley description of prop 209’s effects –
Girl’s sports still exist is California –

Will Women’s Sports be Endangered in Michigan?Proof that girl’s sports still exists in CaliforniaProof that women’s scholarships still exist in CaliforniaProof that affirmative action still exists in CaliforniaProof that cancer detection centers still exist in CaliforniaProof that Domestic Violence shelters still exist in CaliforniaOther Michigan SuitsSuit against Flint Michigan Fire Department: V. State Police – v. Ford Motor Company