Chairman Mark Bernstein’s Hypocrisy.

Read the facts about the Chairman Mark Bernstein and the so-called Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Only 17 days after delivering a ‘impartial’ report Mark Bernstein hosts a high-dollar fundraiser for the advocates of racial preferences.

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Speaker DeRoche Calls for Investigation of Civil Rights Commission.

Full Rebuttal of Civil Rights Commission Report

MCRI did not commit fraud in gathering signatures

Statement Regarding BAMN National Chairman's Intimidation Tactics

Today, Doug Tietz, Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Campaign Manager, gave the following statement after Jennifer Gratz, MCRI spokeswoman, was threatened with a switchblade in the presence of others and in a public building while she was in Detroit.

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Ward Connerly Visits Michigan!

84 Hour Whistle Stop Tour a Success

In just under 84 hours, Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Coalition Chairman, conducted a record setting whistle stop tour of Michigan speaking in support of the Michigan Civil Rights in Flint, Saginaw, Oakland County, Macomb Twp, Utica, Hillsdale, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing.   Here’s just a sampling of the 6 newspaper interviews, 7 radio appearances, and 4 television interviews from the whistle stop tour.

Flint Journal 06/08 – Activist: All should get a fair shake Connerly shares view on racial preferences

Macomb Daily 06/06 – Affirmative action hurts blacks, says ballot initiative’s supporter